Michael R Brown

Michael R Brown, "The Confidence Man"
"The Confidence Man"       photo: Valerie Lawson
Three Heads
"Three Heads"                                                                                                          photo: Valerie Lawson
Michael Brown, Cubed "Michael Brown Cubed"                                                                                           photo: Valerie Lawson
Performing The Ice Worm
"Performing The Ice Worm"
       photo: Valerie Lawson
Michael as Henry VIII
"Michael as Henry VIII"
Michael with Poet Xue Di
"Michael with Poet Xue Di"
Michael with Tahoe
"Michael with Tahoe"                                   photo: Valerie Lawson
Michael at Dunstafnage Castle, Scotland "Michael  at  Dunstafnage  Castle"                                                   photo: Valerie Lawson
Miles Brown
"Michael as Miles Brown"    photo: Valerie Lawson
Michael and Valerie, Sunday at the Eastport Arts Center
"Michael and Valerie, Reading at the Eastport Arts Center"
Michael and Valerie
"Michael and Valerie"